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57 Church Rd cor Lower Farnham Rd, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3PR

Call Us 07525 812 499 / 07525 814 235

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We are situated in Aldershot about a mile from Aldershot Town Center

At our premises we cater for every need,We produce our own Boerewors in various flavors
Braai season is upon us: we carry imported South African Rump, Sirloin and Rib-Eye not to mention the meaty pork belly ribs Marinade in the original Black Steer BBQ sauce

South African Food is renowned all over the world we have by far the best Marinades, Spices and natural flavor enhancer's.

We are defiantly light years ahead of the rest of the world as far as taste is concerned, and it`s not that we are prejudice in that taste is governed by where you grow up and or spend most of your life or what you are used to,because anybody after a visit to South Africa becomes educated

At Inyama we capture the essence of South African Cuisine as we are proudly South African bringing these Vibrant flavors to all in the UK

Our Family have been producing Biltong and cured meat products for 40 years

It all started when my Father at his Cafe (corner shop) mastered an ancient Biltong and Droewors recipe given to him in 1966 by an Afrikaans friend who owned a farm in the Eastern Transvaal

Understandably this recipe is a Secret and was handed down by word of mouth from my Dad to me who understood the true essence of biltong making

In Loving Memory of Adriano Francesco Cesano, Regina Cafe, Hatfield, Pretoria

The Proof Is in the pudding, Once you have had our biltong you will be disappointed elsewhere

Our establishment stands for the highest Quality, Service and Authenticity

Biltong, Droewors & Chillibites In Aldershot

We trust you will have a pleasant experience and we Guarantee Satisfaction

All our products are manufactured at our shop from the highest Quality Imported South African Beef In a strictly controlled environment

Beef has Optimal Nutrition value with minimal fat, Cholesterol or kilo jules and is packed with essential protein ideal for a high protein diet. It also has a very low GI value thus making beef biltong an ideal daily snack not affecting your energy levels



In fact beef biltong is one of the best diet aids as it`s consumed usually alone without other foods, not ingesting carbohydrates and protein simultaneously is excellent dietary practice